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A real life super hero

A friend posted this to her Facebook site today and it was too moving not to share. We need more people like her. Real super heroes. “Today I witnessed a terrible action of a father towards his little son (around 3 years old). Scenario:...

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shocking story

Schocking story hits hard

Having recently seen the news in the Washington Post about a mother secretly filming her 5 year-old son being held down against his will and threatened with a paddle nearly the size of a bat while he squirms and cries for help, it compelled...

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5 ways to make hygge!

“Hygge” or “cozying around”, is a concept the Danes prize very highly. “Hygge” is a feeling as well as an action and a way of being and it is an integral part of everyday life in Denmark. Their incredible focus on hygge on is...

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