I love the moment when I see something extra hidden in the ordinary of a culture. Usually it is woven so tightly into the fabric of a country that it’s impossible to see without removing ones cultural lenses. When something extraordinary emerges, I know creativity has struck.”


Jessica Joelle Alexander is a bestselling author, Danish parenting expert, columnist, speaker, and cultural researcher. Her work has been featured in the NY Times, Vanity Fair, NPR, Huffington Post, Mothermag and the Greater Good Science Center Berkley. Her book The Danish Way of Parenting: what the happiest people in the world know about raising confident, capable kids, is coming out in over 19 counties in 15 languages. She writes for The Huffington Post, The Copenhagen Post & The Local Denmark. Jessica speaks four languages and lives with her Danish husband and two children in Europe.

  • “Jessica has written a number of very successful columns for The Local that have resonated with our Danish and international readers. Her unique insider/outsider perspective on Denmark has given readers valuable and entertaining insight into Danish culture and thanks to the success of her book, she has quickly become a respected expert on Danish parenting. Jessica’s columns for The Local have been read widely and have even been cited by influential media from around the world, including the New York Times.”

    Justin Cremer – Editor at The Local
  • “Engaging and authentic are the words that come to mind when I think about Jessica Joelle Alexander as a public speaker. I had the pleasure of working with Jessica on a talk and Q&A for the promotion of her book, The Danish Way of Parenting. Not only was I impressed by Jessica’s ability to connect with the audience through her storytelling, but also inspiring them to adopt principles in her book.”

    Kerry Lavin – Director of Scandinavian Cultural Center
  • “I had the chance to work with Jessica during the preparation of an internal event @Google where she participated as guest speaker. Not only I appreciate her as a reader of her best-selling book, but also as a highly professional, passionate and charismatic speaker. Her authenticity is truly charming.”

    Isotta Enrici – Head of Advertisers Media Buying Solutions Google
  • “Jessica Alexander is a thought-provoking and very talented author with an amazing ability to observe and to think critically yet constructively and positively. She ably draws from her personal multicultural experiences to shed a new light on any aspect of life. I can’t wait to read more from this wonderful author.”

    Karin Wessel – Foreign Rights Manager